TV Projects
Show Yourselves

In just under a decade, millions of Brazilians have gained access to the consumer market and become active participants in social life. They represent a new Brazilian middle class that is transforming the look and feel of the country. Who are these Brazilians? What do they want? What are their expectations for the future?

In recent years, however, the country’s economic crisis has forced people to relinquish many of the gains achieved to date. How has the crisis affected the new middle class? What steps have they taken to confront and contend with the new setting?

The series centers on the members of this emerging socioeconomic class, as well as places (homes, work establishments) and symbolic objects, including cars, diplomas, and smartphones. The series tells the story of these characters through the lens of their daily lives and personal dramas.

Divided into eight 26-minute episodes, Show Yourselves conveys the daily lives of this segment of Brazilians: from their most ordinary habits to their thoughts on education, health, beauty, transportation, housing, leisure, consumption, tourism, the past, and the future. The episodes are set in six Brazilian state capital cities.