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Just When We Were About to be Happy

When her daughter also falls prey to her partner’s violence, Benedita finally summons the strength to file a complaint against the stepfather. As a protective measure, Benedita and her daughter, youngest son, and mother are transferred to a shelter.

In this suspended environment, the family shares daily life with other women victims and their children. The plot centers on the attempts at negotiations between victims, their traumas and the efforts to address these, as well as solidarity and the revelation of new bonds.

The film explores the family’s journey from home to the shelter, the time spent in their sanctuary, and, finally, the homecoming. Upon returning, the family members realize that they remain at risk. Nothing seems to deter the aggressor from his desire to be accepted back into Benedita’s life. The plot’s endgame would suggest that there is no easy solution to the problem, given the lack of effective responses to this and other brutal forms of violence in Brazil.