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Alive on a Deathbed

Gegeu is a forty-year-old obituary writer who still lives with his mother. Gegeu's only sources of pleasure in life are literature and working on the motorbicycle left by his deceased father, Roger. Gegeu lives trapped in the shadow of his father’s memory, incessantly exalted by his mother. He is frustrated at not having produced a relevant work like his father, the author of an acclaimed book.

Things start to change when Gegeu gets fired from his job at the newspaper. Too afraid to tell his mother that he’d lost his job, he spends his days roaming the streets of Brasilia. It is during one of these aimless sojourns that Gegeu runs into a disillusioned writer who helps him discover the theme for his book: death.

In the effort to write about the finiteness of life, Gegeu gets a helping hand from his best friend, Pimenta, a crime reporter, who takes him to crime scenes and places him face-to-face with death. Pimenta introduces Gegeu to his bipolar daughter Barbara, and the two develop a romantic relationship rooted in a peculiar correspondence: Gegeu’s cowardly hypochondria, on the one side, and Barbara’s suicidal daring, on the other. In his quest to reconnect with his father, Gegeu stares down his ghosts, rediscovering life in the process.