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Mere Mortals


As they chase dreams that have lost all meaning, a widowed father and his musician son, a TV broadcaster and her younger boyfriend, and a married professor inspired by his student are forced to compromise on which desires to sublimate and which desires consummate.


Producer: Plateau Films and Asacine Produções
Distribution: Plateau Films and Cinematográfica Polifilmes

Director and story: Mauro Giuntini – Screenplay: Di Moreti – Producer and executive producer: Márcio Curi – Production manager – Beth Curi – Cinematographer: André Luis da Cunha – Art director: Luis Augusto Jungman (Girafa) – Original soundtrack: Patrick de Jongh – Editor: Willem Dias – Sound design and post production design: Dirceu Lustosa -  Sound: Chico Bororo


 Leonardo Medeiros, Narciza Leão, Chico Sant’Anna, Eduardo Moraes, Tatiana Muniz, Sérgio Sartório, Alice Stefânia, Camila Meskel, and Ada Luana.


Brazilian Audiovisual Sector Fund (Fundo Setorial do Audiovisual – FSA), South Region Development Bank (Banco Regional de Desenvolvimento do Extremo Sul – BRDE), and Federal District Fund for the Arts and Culture (Fundo de Apoio à Arte e Cultura do DF – FAC).


HDCAM/35mm  1:85    

Running time

80 minutes

Commercial release



Festivals and Awards

  • 16th Cinesul – Ibero-American Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2009 ­– Best Drama Award Feature-Length Film (Popular Jury);
  • 12th Cine PE Film Festival of Recife, Brazil, 2008 – Best Actor and Supporting Actor Awards;
  • 40th Festival of Brazilian Cinema – Brasilia Showcase, 2007
  • Federal District Legislative Assembly Award for Best Feature Film from Brasilia; 
  • 32nd São Paulo International Film Showcase, 2008;
  • 12th Cine las Americas, Austin, Texas, 2009;
  • 12º FAM – Florianópolis Audiovisual MERCOSUR – Brazil 2008;
  • V International Panorama of Film, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, 2009;
  • 15th Film and Video Festival of Cuiabá, Mato Gross, Brazil, 2008;


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