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Rodrigo believes in men; Ciça talks to plants. He needs advice; she needs peace and quiet. They share the same roof, but not the same bed. The estranged couple, who still lives together, and their teenage son lead what by all appearances seems to be a conventional family life, until the arrival of an unexpected guest: Leila, Rodrigo’s lover, whose appearance shakes everyone’s life down to its core, prompting the family to rediscover itself and its interrelationships. 


Producer: Plateau Films
Co-producer: Casa Forte Films
Associate producer: República Pureza Films
Distribution: Cinematográfica Polifilmes

Director: Mauro Giuntini – Producers: Lu Teixeira and Mauro Giuntini – Executive producer: Lu Teixeira – Story and screenplay: Lu Teixeira – Cinematographer: André Lavenére – Art director: Carol Tanajura – Original soundtrack: Patrick de Jongh – Editor: Willem Dias – Sound design: Miriam Biderman, Ricardo Reis e Paulo Gama – Sound: Chico Bororo

Cast: Marat Descartes, Virginia Cavendish, Marisol Ribeiro, Emanuel Lavour, André Amaro, Bidô Galvão, Juliana Drummond, Chico Sant’Anna, Alice Stefânia, Davi Maia, João Antônio, João Paulo Oliveira, Rômulo Augusto, Adriana Nunes, Patricia Marjorie, Cibele Amaral, Gê Martu, José de Campos, and Cynthia Carla.


Brazilian Audiovisual Sector Fund (Fundo Setorial do Audiovisual – FSA), South Region Development Bank (Banco Regional de Desenvolvimento do Extremo Sul – BRDE), and Federal District Fund for the Arts and Culture (Fundo de Apoio à Arte e Cultura do DF – FAC).


Open DCP - 1:85

Running time

85 minutes


2014 / 2015



  • World Premiere: 39th Festival des Films du Monde, Montreal, Canada, 2015.
  • National Premiere: 48th Brazilian Festival of Cinema, Brasilia, 2015.

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