Short Films
The Scent



At a railway station bar in a small backwater town, a rowdy card game stretches into the late hours of the night. To settle a bet, an old card player stakes his entire reputation as a teller of legends by recounting the adventures of a vampire who preys on scents. A cosmetics saleswoman, a recent arrival in town, is his next victim. A labyrinth constructed of a “story” within a story, within a story, within a story... Long live Guimarães Rosa and Murnau!!!



Director: Mauro Giuntini – Producers: Carla Gomide, Marcio Curi and Mauro Giuntini – Executive producer: Carla Gomide – Story and screenplay: Di Moretti – Cinematographer: André Luís da Cunha – Art director: Zero – Costumes: Lu Teixeira – Soundtrack: Roberto Corrêa – Additional tracks: Claudio Vinicius – Editor: Caetano Curi – Sound design: Dirceu Lustosa –  Sound: Chico Bororo


João Antônio, Felícia Johanson, José Delvinei Santos, Chico Sant’Anna, e Patrícia Carvalho.


Federal District Fund for the Arts and Culture (Fundo de Apoio à Arte e Cultura do DF – FAC) and Audiovisual Division of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture


35mm - 1:85

Running time

15 minutes




Awards and Nominations

  • Best Photography – 35th Festival of Brazilian Cinema, Brasilia, 2002
  • Short-Film Project Contest Award – Brazilian Ministry of Culture, 2001.
  • Awards and Nominations


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