Short Films
The Time Gardner


This futuristic fantasy pays tribute to the contribution of Brazilian landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx to the visual identity of Brazil’s capital city. A visitor from the future travels back in time to find his mentor. Scheduled to arrive in Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s, an error transports him instead to Brasilia, circa 2000.


Director, screenplay, and story: Mauro Giuntini – Producers: Márcio Curi, Carla Gomide and Mauro Giuntini – Executive producer: Márcio Curi – Production manager – Carla Gomide – Cinematographer: André Luis da Cunha – Art director: Zero – Costumes: Sônia Paiva – Original soundtrack: Assis Medeiros – Editor: Caetano Curi – Sound design and post production design: Dirceu Lustosa – Sound: Chico Bororo


Mark Hopkins, Luis Melo, Eliana César, João Antônio, Felícia Johanson, Ricardo Pipo, José Delvinei Santos, Afonso Brasa, and Roque Fritch.


Federal District Fund for the Arts and Culture (Fundo de Apoio à Arte e Cultura do DF – FAC) and Audiovisual Division of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture


35mm - 1:85

Running time

19 minutes



Awards and Indications

  • Best Sound Track – 6th Film Festival of Recife, Brazil, 2002
  • Best Sound Track – 25th Guarnicê Festival of São Luís, Brazil, 2002
  • Best short film of the Federal District – Legislative Assembly Film Award at the Festival of Brazilian Cinema, Brasilia, 2001
  • Short-Film Project Contest Award – Brazilian Ministry of Culture, 1999
  • “Filma Brasilia” Short-Film Project Contest Award – Federal District Film and Video Production Pole, February 1998.


  • 30th Latin American and Brazilian Film Festival, Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 2002.
  • 6th Film Festival of Recife, Brazil, 2002
  • 5th Film Festival of Tiradentes, Brazil, 2002
  • 34th Festival of Brazilian Cinema, Brasilia, 2001.

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